wedoIT has just broken the wall of silence.

The IT industry is not exactly famous for being simple and easy to understand. For one, technology itself is a deep, detailed, and constantly changing subject that doesn’t rest easy in everybody’s wheelhouse. It’s an industry rife with acronyms, jargon, and complexities that often get in the way of clear communication and understanding.

Then there is the maze of service offerings offered up by managed service providers to answer the technology needs of their clients.

Add to that the variety of pricing levels, payment structures, and service models used by various MSPs when asking for compensation. Clients looking to get an early and clear handle on specific pricing to expect without lengthy meetings, on-site audits, and onboarding interviews can easily get frustrated.

MSPs, like many service companies in any industry, have historically been reluctant to address pricing upfront, and when they do, it often changes drastically by the time the contracts get signed.

It can all get pretty confusing. Until now. wedoIT is doing things a little differently.

“We took a good look at how everyone is approaching the subject of pricing, how we were handing the issue, and what our clients needed,” says Nick Chow, owner and CEO of wedoIT. “We came to the realization that pricing just didn’t need to be so hard. And it definitely didn’t need to stand in the way of the most important thing – building relationships.”

“One of our company’s biggest philosophies is ‘Keep it Simple’. We determined to apply that philosophy to pricing.”

So wedoIT set about to create a simplified pricing structure and easy-to-understand service packages. According to Chow, the offerings they put together aren’t “cookie-cutter” solutions, but are designed to closely align with specific client needs.

Simplified, up-front pricing is one thing, but pricing of any sort is usually kept very close to the vest and the subject of a private discussion with the client. wedoIT decided to buck that trend as well and publishes its pricing boldly and clearly on their website for all to see.

Why be so public with a traditionally close-guarded subject? “When it comes to pricing, we’ve got nothing to hide. Why not put it out there? If our competitors see it, so what? If potential clients see it and don’t like it, then we’ve saved each other a lot of time. If customers see it and feel good about it, then we’re that much further along in the relationship already. I think it works best for all.”

If you’d like to take a look at the pricing structure wedoIT put together or want to dig further, visit their website at wedoit.co/pricing.