“We’re a small business…”

Does your company have less than 100 employees? We got you.

If you thought your organization was too small to have a managed IT service partner, think again. wedoIT brings you professional technology services adapted for your specific needs and budget. We’re a small business too. We understand the challenges you face and how to use technology to your best advantage to meet them.

How much does downtime cost your small business?

From broken tech, cybersecurity attacks, and failed systems to lost data, malicious events, fires, floods, and more, the cost of downtime adds up fast.

According to several studies including those conducted by the consulting company IDC and research firm Gartner, 80% of small businesses have experienced downtime at some point in the past.  The costs of downtime range from $82,200 to $256,000 for a single event and an average of $137 to $427 per minute.

A fresh approach to IT designed for

small businesses like yours.



Clear, Simple Contracts

Simplified Pricing


Audits Included

Onboarding Within 72 Hours

Team Oriented

Cloud Focused

Complete Security & Back Up Solutions

Remote Monitoring & Support

Simplified Systems


Old School IT


1. If it’s never broke before, it probably won’t break anytime soon.

2. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

3. If something does break, try and fix it yourself.

4. If you can’t fix it, call the IT guy.

5. Have the IT guy come on-site to fix the broken stuff.

6. Pay hourly until the broke stuff is fixed.

1. Be proactive. Head off issues before they become problems.

2. Use remote network management to pre-identify trouble spots.

3. Implement backup and cybersecurity solutions to keep systems safe.

4. Place a high value on communication, training, and trasnparency.

5. Work as a team to keep all systems healthy at all times.

What does YOUR business need in an IT partner?

What are your issues? Concerns? Questions? Looking for improvements or is everything running smoothly? Let us know what’s on your mind. Hiring an IT partner is more about relationship than it is service stacks and statistics.