“We have an

IT vendor…”

But, you’ve never had one like wedoIT.


We’ve put together the systems, the tools, the people and the procedures to bring you an IT experience like no other. Maybe it’s time to discover how your business could benefit from a different approach to IT.

Ready to change your IT vendor? We’ll work with you to make it as seamless and as comfortable as possible.

1. Determine your timeframe.

If you’re currently using a Managed Services Provider, chances are you have some sort of service agreement or contract in place. Check to see what the cancellation terms and procedures are. Typically it’s on an annual or a monthly basis and some sort of notice is requested to terminate. Decide when the best time is to make your change. Is it immediately? At the end of the month? At the end of the year? Or, if there is no contract holding you up, are your ready to move forward now?

2. Communicate your decision.

Let us know your desired schedule is for making the move. Contact your current vendor and let them know you’re going to make a change.

3. Give us the contact information for your current vendor.

Once you’ve had a chance to talk to your current provider, we’ll contact them and coordinate the technical details of making the switch…transferring licenses, exchanging vendor contact information, moving over your email, and things like that.

4. Set up an onboarding appointment with us and we’ll get everyone going.

We’ll coordinate with you to get everything set up and connected, install whatever elements we need to install, and train you on whatever you need to know with the new framework.

What does YOUR business need in an IT vendor?

What are your issues? Concerns? Questions? Looking for improvements or is everything running smoothly? Let us know what’s on your mind. Hiring an IT partner is more about relationship than it is service lists and statistics.