Here are 4 tips on how to maximize your business profits with IT services.

1. Replace older/slow computers. Slowing down your staff is costing you way more in profits than it is to replace the machine.

2. Security – Reduce employee downtime and make sure you are securing your devices and email. Breaches are some of the most expensive events that can occur in your business.

3. Reduce your IT infrastructure. Get rid of those old servers and start reducing the amount of servers you have onsite at your business. With less servers, you’ll also reduce your backup and storage costs. You will also reduce the overhead cost of software licensing and physical hardware.

4. Train your staff. If your staff does not know how to use the systems and software in place, this will cost your business in productivity. A lot of times bottlenecks can be smoothed out with a little training. This will give your staff confidence in using the systems to do their job. I know maintaining and growing your small business meets many challenges. I’m here to help!