Apple unveiled its biggest iPhone software update of the year earlier this week at their annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2022.

New things on the way with the updated iOS 16 software include improvements to Messages, Mail, and Maps, as well as the biggest change to the iPhone lock screen appearance since 2014.

The new iOS16 software updates will be available for iPhones released in 2017 or later. The oldest device supported will be the iPhone 8.

IOS 16 is already available to developers. A beta version will be released in July, and the general public will be able to get the updates along with new iPhone models in September or October.

Here are some of the most important changes coming:

New lock screen features — Users will be able to add widgets with real-time data such as weather info. Some apps will be able to display info on sports scores or the location of your Uber. The font on the clock will be changeable. And, notifications will now appear at the bottom of the screen instead of at the top.

Unsend and edit iMessages – When sending messages to another Apple user, you’ll have 15 minutes after sending to edit or unsend the message. The other user won’t get a notification, but they’ll see that the message has been edited or cancelled.

New email search and schedule — The built-in Apple Mail app will have a more functional search capability. And, you’ll also be able to schedule emails to send at a future time.

New AI photo capabilities – New photo management features use AI to provide enhanced photo recognition, grouping, automatic sharing, and cut-out capabilities that let you create photo stickers.

Apple Wallet – Earlier this year, Apple introduced a buy now/pay later feature called Apple Pay Later. iOS 16 updates will make it easier to share digital car or home keys through messaging.

Apple Maps — The new update will now allow you to add multiple stops to a route you’re planning.

Apple Home App — The Home app has been re-designed to better show such things as multiple cameras in and outside your house.

Apple Health App – Now users will be able to input their medications, how often they’ve taken them, and get reminders when it’s time to take their medicine, as well of warnings of potential interactions. Users can add medications simply by  taking a photo of the bottle.

Safety Check. Safety Check enables users to quickly turn off all services, apps, and location sharing. It was intended to make it easier to stay private or protect your data in the event of an abusive relationship situation.

iPhone = webcam — iOS 16, together with the new version of macOS, will now let you use your iPhone as a webcam.

Passkeys capabilities – The new Passkeys function lets you use your iPhone as a way to sign into services or websites using Touch ID or Face ID, replacing the need for passwords.